sober life

understanding Addiction

I want to quit drinking tomorrow. Today, I sit here, with a hangover. I am tired. I am not healthy. Quitting drinking is my number one goal. It has to be. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the word addiction. Why me? Why am I caught in this trap of a non-stop mental …

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still Trying

I woke up this morning with a clear mind that I was ready to start my sobriety all over again. A bluejay came for a visit. This bird has a lot of meaning in my life. I feel like it comes to visit me when I need a sign or a wake-up call. I am …

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Sober Blog

day 1 Again

I want to change my life so badly! I woke up this morning feeling hope and a yearning for sobriety. I had a good week. I didn’t drink a lot, but I did drink every day. I limited my intake to two during the week and a few extras on the weekend. I didn’t have …

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sober blog

day zero…not Sober

I am not sober today. I will now try drinking in moderation so that I don’t find myself caught up in alcohol again. My inner person knows this is not possible. Well, I can sit here and make all kinds of excuses as to why I picked up a drink, but I won’t. I just …

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day 12 Sober

…and it’s a struggle I’ve had a couple of rough days. Booze has been all around me. Everywhere I turn, I see alcohol… TV, signs, restaurants, people….alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. How am I going to stay alcohol-free in a world filled with the stuff? My best friend and I traveled out of town for the night. …

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