on Day 1 Again

Today, I decided that I would make change happen. I want to be sober. My heart knows that it is exactly what I’m supposed to be. My body knows it and feels it too. I know this process won’t be easy, but I also know that it will be worth it. I was sober for …

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Sober Blog

Who Am I?

Who am I? I’ve been pondering this question for several weeks now. Why do I feel so lost? I feel like I’m torn between two worlds, and I’m not sure which world I truly belong to. Am I the one who wants to drink every day and just be okay with it, or am I …

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Quit drinking

day 30 Sober

I quit drinking to stop being a prisoner of my own mind. What a liberating experience! -Me It is hard to believe that I haven’t picked up a drink in one whole month! My cravings have dissipated. I no longer want alcohol to be a part of my life! It is a liberating experience! Admitting …

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sober days

day 26 Sober

I am quietly celebrating 26 days of sobriety! I had a great sober weekend. We got a dumping of snow this week. I had to shovel my very long driveway and I’m not much of a winter fan. Shovelling snow is not one of my favourite chores. Usually, I would pack myself a 6-pack, load …

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sober blog

day 20 Sober

The last couple of days have been a test to my willingness to get sober. I’ve been fighting off my addictive thoughts, a lot of them. They are trying to convince me that I wasn’t that bad of a drinker. I cried a lot yesterday. Maybe I am grieving over the loss of something I …

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