day 8 Sober

Today, I am so grateful to be sober! I am feeling healthier than ever! I feel like all of my worries and stress about alcohol have been lifted.

I’ve been to a meeting every night this week, and I am making some new, powerful connections. It is so nice to feel alive again! Every night, someone shares something that helps me understand more about myself. Every morning, I write what I learned in a journal. So much of my pain and shame goes through the pen onto the paper. It is an incredible feeling, to let all of that crap out!

I shared a part of my story last night, and I felt like I was coming back to life. For a very long time, I forgot who I was. I feel like I have been curled up in a ball for the past 4 years, hiding from the world. Drinking. I was not living in the moment and I haven’t been present to see all of the gifts that were sent my way. And, today, while I shared, I felt like me again, the woman without the drink in her hand. I could speak with this energy that fires up inside of me and everyone around the room knew exactly what I was talking about!

As I shared, I watched members nod their heads, with understanding. They laughed at my energy and smiled when I spoke. “I am supposed to be here in this meeting, at this moment”, I thought. My hope is that my story will help someone else’s journey one day. It is my calling. Stay sober. Help someone get sober. Inspire. Live. Stay sober. Be honest with me. Surrender. Feel alive. Be in the moment. See the gifts. Love. Stay sober.

It is easy to quit drinking, they say.

It’s only easy when the opaque blanket that is covering our drinking eyes is lifted. It’s easy when we have come to terms with the fact that we are powerless over alcohol. It is easy when we surrender and ask our Higher Power to help us deal with the pain we have endured over the years and the cravings that we have for alcohol.

I will not pick up a drink today! I will breathe. And, I will surrender to the fact that I have a disease and that I am powerless over alcohol. I don’t need it in my life. It will not destroy me any longer. I will surround myself with loving, honest people who share the same stories as me. I am in charge of what I put into my body. My God is in charge of leading me into the right places at the right times.


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