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day 6 Sober

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As crazy as this may sound, I feel amazing! I haven’t had any major pangs for alcohol in the past 6 days. My insides still feel very dehydrated.

I woke up feeling so thirsty this morning. It has been difficult for me to quench my thirst lately. It’s not that I’m wanting the booze to do that for me as I would normally do to quench my thirst. I actually enjoyed drinking ice-cold water all day.

An old friend texted me last night. I haven’t seen him in over a year. Why would he text me now….when I’m trying to get sober? Yeah! The first thing he said was that we should meet up to catch up and drink wine! O-M-G! I can’t handle pressure like that right now. There is no way I could meet up with this friend and not have wine! I told him I’d get back to him and now I feel awful because I haven’t replied. I actually can’t reply. I do not know what to say! I can’t ignore him forever because eventually we will run into each other at Walmart or some grocery store, and it will be so awkward! I need to sleep on it, or if someone has advice for me, I’ll take it.

My greatest sober challenge

The greatest challenge I will be facing while I am trying to get sober is dealing with every single person in my life. Everyone drinks! My family, my friends, my kids, my co-workers…. drink, drink, drink. They love it as much as I loved it! I know I am going to want to be around people eventually. I can’t stay home, alone, forever.

For now, I will stay at home…in my safe haven. I am focusing on this blogging world. I am reading. I am drinking tea. I am hugging my kids and cleaning my house. I am running and going to the gym.

Eventually, I will face my challenges. I will see people again and tell them the truth. I don’t drink.

Love always,

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