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day 30 Sober

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I quit drinking to stop being a prisoner of my own mind. What a liberating experience!


It is hard to believe that I haven’t picked up a drink in one whole month! My cravings have dissipated. I no longer want alcohol to be a part of my life!

It is a liberating experience! Admitting how powerless I am over the first drink is the most valuable step I have ever taken in quitting drinking. I realize now that if I pick up a drink today, the madness and obsession will begin again. And, to be honest, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’ve seen it happen many times before. I quit for a few days, feel good about myself, cave into the cravings, and the cycle begins again. Month after month. Year after year. The struggle was sometimes unbearable. It took me to the darkest places of my mind, like a prisoner, sitting in her cell, waiting to be released. I developed severe anxieties, depression and stress from my obsession with alcohol. I was lost. My head hung low. I didn’t want to see people. I didn’t want to go to places. Many of my friends and my family knew something was wrong with me, something was different. Nobody told me I drank too much, but they thought it.

Eventually, I began to realize that I could not quit drinking by myself. It seemed impossible, especially after trying for so long. I knew I had to make changes in the way I wanted to live my life, otherwise, I was going to rot in this prison cell.

Things I’ve changed in my life in the last 30 days that helped me stay sober

  • I pray every morning and ask God to remove any cravings
  • I ask God to guide me so that I can be of service to whoever needs my help and love
  • I admit that I am powerless over alcohol and that I cannot pick up a drink
  • I drink a lot of tea (I stocked up on different flavours)
  • I journal every morning while I have my coffee (about anything that comes to mind)
  • I tweet every day and reply to twitter sober friends who are looking for support
  • I breathe deeply
  • I accept the world as it is
  • I fit in some form of exercise on a daily basis (Yoga, running or BodyPump class)
  • I think about how amazing it feels to wake up without a hangover
  • I am grateful for good night sleeps
  • I added my favourite AA meetings into my weekly schedule. I joined a group.
  • I read the Big Book often
  • I take GABA to relieve stress
  • I blog
  • I eat a lot of chips and chocolate (for now)
  • I hug my kids more

Being sober for one month drives me to want to be sober for one year. I feel fantastic! My stress and anxiety are less severe. I am reclaiming my energy levels and my zest for life. I smile more and I laugh more. People see the glow in my eyes and tell me I look different. I feel different. I feel free.

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