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day 26 Sober

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I am quietly celebrating 26 days of sobriety!

I had a great sober weekend.

We got a dumping of snow this week. I had to shovel my very long driveway and I’m not much of a winter fan. Shovelling snow is not one of my favourite chores. Usually, I would pack myself a 6-pack, load it up into the snow and shovel away. Every chore always seemed better with alcohol. I never ever bothered asking my children for help for two main reasons. First, I don’t have much patience for the fight I always get when I ask them for help. Who has the time and energy for rebellious, whiny teenagers? Second, I would rather work alone so that I could enjoy my cold beer and not feel guilty about drinking while I work.

I am a different mom when I am sober.

Things are different around here when I am sober. The kids can’t manipulate me or make me feel guilty any longer. I am in control and I have more power as a mom when I am not drinking. They would often use lines like, “You’re drinking again, eh mom” or “Are you drunk, mom?“, knowing it bothered me so much!

Anyhow, I took the time to reason and drag my kids out of the house so that they could help me shovel the driveway. It was probably the first time they’ve ever picked up a shovel! They came out with a bit of a fight, but they helped. They pushed each other in the snow and had some fun while they shovelled. We had a small snowball fight and laughed. I haven’t seen my kids play together in a very long time! It was beautiful to see. They did a great job clearing the driveway with me and I was very grateful!

While we were outside, my daughter decided to build a snowman. I grew extremely excited as I watched my son join in on the fun. I rushed into the house to get items for the snowman’s face. And, we built him! My kids made my day!

When we got back inside, I hugged my children tightly, thanking them for helping me and thanking them for making my day. Building that snowman was a very spiritual moment for me. I am so very grateful that I was sober. If I hadn’t made such amazing progress in my sobriety, we would have never spent such great quality time together. I would have shovelled the driveway, alone, drunk. I am blessed. Sobriety is a gift. I plan on working my butt off to stay sober one day at a time!

sobriety is a gift

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