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day 14 Sober

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Today, I quietly celebrate being sober for two weeks! What an amazing gift!

I have no desire to pick up a drink.

I am working hard for my sobriety. My cupboard is stocked with many different types of tea.

Every morning, I remember that I am powerless over alcohol. I tell myself I can’t pick up a drink today. Alcohol causes my body, mind and soul so much harm and heartache. It is toxic! I cannot have it in my life any longer. Alcohol will not interfere with my relationships or with my health ever again!

I surrender and pray.

It is important for me to take some time to surrender and ask God to take away any cravings that I may have during the day. I ask Him to watch over my family and myself. The Big Book said that the alcoholic who does not surrender to a power greater than himself cannot quit drinking on his own. I am open-minded and feel that I am getting help from somewhere. How else could I handle not drinking for two weeks?

I journal and tweet.

Every morning, I have a big cup of coffee. I journal. I write about my addiction to alcohol and how it affected my life in so many ways. Sometimes, I write about stories someone shared at a meeting to help me learn about myself. Sometimes, I write about the past and the impact it had on me. And, other times, I write about the spiritual journey that I am on. I usually find myself writing many, many pages and filling up my coffee cup more than once.

I’m enjoying my new sober Twitter account. I post one tweet every day and comment on some of my followers’ tweets, especially if they are looking for support.

I exercise and breathe.

Deep belly breathing helps me. I sometimes sit around the house and take a few minutes to breathe in and breathe out. Because I am now able to focus more on my health, I exercise daily, by either doing a Yoga or BodyPump class or I head out for a good run to my favourite playlist. I have been eating more than I want to lately, but I have to give myself some rewards for my sober achievements. Next week, I will focus on the food I put into my body.

I spend more time with my kids.

I spend more time with my kids. This mom is rocking it! I am a much more patient and loving mother. It is so much easier to cope with teenagers when I am sober. When they argue, I am able to breathe through it, think about what I want to say, then intervene with a normal “talking voice.” I am able to remain calm when I ask them to do chores, even when they resist. We smile more and laugh more. My 15-year-old son loves to wrestle. We wrestle. My 18-year-old daughter loves to snuggle. We snuggle. My 28-year-old son loves to drink. I haven’t seen him since I got sober. I hope that our relationship doesn’t change. He lives with his girlfriend and they are expecting my first grand-baby!

I go to meetings.

I have been going to AA meetings regularly. There is so much love, joy and hope in those rooms. The people in the meetings are like family to me, sometimes even better! When I share, I never feel judged. Most of the time, someone will relate to my story. I enjoy me-time at the meetings. I get to sit for one whole hour and reflect on my life, past, present and future.

Life does get easier without the worries of having alcohol around. There is still plenty of stress in life, but I handle it differently when I’m sober.

Recovery is more than letting go of the drink. I am learning who I am, without it.

This is my spiritual journey.

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