Sober Days

A written account of me, trying to get sober. I am a woman on a quest to finding my true self without a drink in my hand.

Retraining my Mind

Day 6 of sobriety begins. I know that getting sober means changing my mindset. The last few months have been hell and chaos. I actually convinced myself that I was happier and free with a drink in my hand. This mindset consumed me with daily internal conflicts and unruly behaviour. The cycle began again in …

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I am powerless over alcohol

I am Powerless over Alcohol

Day 3 of Sobriety I am powerless over alcohol! I cannot pick up the first drink and only have that first drink. I cannot be a normal drinker because that first drink ALWAYS leads me to another, then another, then another….and the cycle begins again. For the longest time, I thought that being powerless over …

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Acceptance is Key

Acceptance is Key

Day 2 of Sobriety Acceptance is the key to all of my problems. Only when I accept what is, can I be set free. This is my truth. Today, as I begin day 2 of my recovery program, I reflect on my life. I must take a few minutes to reflect on the reasons I …

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on Day 1 Again

Today, I decided that I would make change happen. I want to be sober. My heart knows that it is exactly what I’m supposed to be. My body knows it and feels it too. I know this process won’t be easy, but I also know that it will be worth it. I was sober for …

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