How I Quit

Acceptance is Key

Acceptance is Key

Day 2 of Sobriety Acceptance is the key to all of my problems. Only when I accept what is, can I be set free. This is my truth. Today, as I begin day 2 of my recovery program, I reflect on my life. I must take a few minutes to reflect on the reasons I …

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Quit drinking

day 30 Sober

I quit drinking to stop being a prisoner of my own mind. What a liberating experience! -Me It is hard to believe that I haven’t picked up a drink in one whole month! My cravings have dissipated. I no longer want alcohol to be a part of my life! It is a liberating experience! Admitting …

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sober blog

day 18 Sober

I survived my third weekend of sobriety. I am grateful for Friday and Saturday night meetings. Something amazing happens to me in the rooms of AA. Every time I walk into a meeting, there is an indescribable sense of joy and peace in my life. I felt some stress with my children today, but I …

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Sober Blog

day 14 Sober

Today, I quietly celebrate being sober for two weeks! What an amazing gift! I have no desire to pick up a drink. I am working hard for my sobriety. My cupboard is stocked with many different types of tea. Every morning, I remember that I am powerless over alcohol. I tell myself I can’t pick …

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