Benefits of Sobriety

You will find many benefits of not drinking alcohol. Eventually, the benefits will outweigh the discomfort of quitting drinking, especially if you have an unruly addiction like me.

sober days

day 26 Sober

I am quietly celebrating 26 days of sobriety! I had a great sober weekend. We got a dumping of snow this week. I had to shovel my very long driveway and I’m not much of a winter fan. Shovelling snow is not one of my favourite chores. Usually, I would pack myself a 6-pack, load …

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day 20 Sober

The last couple of days have been a test to my willingness to get sober. I’ve been fighting off my addictive thoughts, a lot of them. They are trying to convince me that I wasn’t that bad of a drinker. I cried a lot yesterday. Maybe I am grieving over the loss of something I …

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day 18 Sober

I survived my third weekend of sobriety. I am grateful for Friday and Saturday night meetings. Something amazing happens to me in the rooms of AA. Every time I walk into a meeting, there is an indescribable sense of joy and peace in my life. I felt some stress with my children today, but I …

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day 14 Sober

Today, I quietly celebrate being sober for two weeks! What an amazing gift! I have no desire to pick up a drink. I am working hard for my sobriety. My cupboard is stocked with many different types of tea. Every morning, I remember that I am powerless over alcohol. I tell myself I can’t pick …

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Wasting Money on Alcohol

I sleep better. Today is day 6 of my sober countdown. I still feel hungover just a little. The inside of my mouth and my body feel dry. I have been getting headaches for a few days now, and I never get headaches! Is my body detoxing or is it sick? This morning I woke …

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