Wasting Money on Alcohol

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I sleep better. Today is day 6 of my sober countdown. I still feel hungover just a little. The inside of my mouth and my body feel dry. I have been getting headaches for a few days now, and I never get headaches! Is my body detoxing or is it sick?

This morning I woke up thinking about all of the money I spent last month on alcohol. I tallied things up on a Spreadsheet. Here are the results.

amount spent on booze in 1 month

Seriously! I am startled but not really. I didn’t even think I had that much money to spend on alcohol! Actually, I KNOW I don’t have that much! I am a single mom for Godsakes! I have bills to pay!

Drinking is blowing my budget plan out of the park!

How could I have wasted so much money on alcohol? What was I thinking? In the last month, I have spent $925.05! I know it’s the summer holidays, but really? I could have spent that money on better things. This makes me wonder how much I actually spend in one year!

Alcohol has been extremely tough on my budget lately. I actually have nothing to show for it. I drank $925 worth of poison in one month and my body is paying the price for it! This fact alone should be enough for me to quit drinking forever! Drinking is blowing my budget plan out of the park! No wonder I am always in debt….paying Mastercard bills and owing money. I want to travel the world! I can’t afford to be a boozer AND travel the world. It’s a constant battle month by month to make sure I have enough money for food, hydro, water…..

I always made it work though. Booze always seem to fit in my monthly budget plan. I thought it did anyway. I guess it didn’t, especially when I keep seeing the balance on my Mastercard increase month by month! It is time for me to focus on paying it off so that I can start living my travelling dream.

How to save money on alcohol

Saving money on alcohol is easy. Don’t drink! I’m not saying that part will be easy but saving money not drinking will be. If are a heavy drinker, with a problem like me, then you must calculate the total amount of alcohol you purchased in a month. Add it up! Don’t drink for a month after that and that’s what you will be saving. I recommend that all newly sober friends do this. See how alcohol affected your budget plan.

Today is my 6th day of being sober. It is only 10 am here, and I am meeting my son for lunch. That may be a challenge. We always drink together. Always. He wanted to come over last night and I told him I wasn’t feeling good. I told him I wanted to have a quiet night alone. He seemed okay with it. He’s 28. He likes to drink too. I probably helped with that. I’m not sure when I will tell him that I quit drinking. I’m not sure that he will understand that I am addicted to alcohol and it is making me sick. He’s young.

Have a wonderful day sober readers and wanting to be sober readers.

Love always,

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