About Me

My name is Jeannette!

I am a single mom of two teens and one young adult. My career keeps me on my toes as a Grade 1 teacher. I am a sibling to 4 sisters. I love to run and I love to drink!

Alcohol and addiction have been a part of me, my entire life. I grew up around alcohol and I watched my parents drink every day. It seemed like the normal thing to do. My childhood wasn’t always pleasant. My dad was mean and my mom was miserable. They fought a lot. I watched over my younger sisters. We often played Barbies in our room. I started sneaking alcohol from my parents when I was 16. The drink made me happy. It was my escape from reality.

I have been trying to quit drinking for years! I usually last a couple of days, sometimes weeks, then I find myself with a drink in my hand.

I’ve been to rehab and through the doors of AA. I’ve tried online courses, reading books, blogging, meditating, running, yoga and nothing seems to be working. As I get older, my drinking habits are worse!

In 2015, I was alcohol-free. One whole year sober, then bam! Powerlessness. I forgot that I was powerless over picking up that first drink. My mind played tricks on me. And, I’ve been drinking since.

I have been living in denial for years, trying to convince myself that I was normal. Everyone drinks Jeannette. It’s normal to drink every day and feel like shit all the time, I tell myself.

Hangovers suck!

My body is starting to feel the consequences of my actions.

If I do not quit drinking, I will die from this disease. My mind, body and soul are suffering.

This is my journey to a life of sobriety!

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